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Family Law

At Validus Law, you can receive strong and committed representation as well as legal advice regarding child and spousal support, orders, and agreements for marriage, cohabitation, and separation.

Validus Law is committed to simplifying the legal process for individuals, and providing personalized services with a focus on resolution and cooperation to help you unnecessary legal costs arising from unproductive litigation.

Contact Validus Law to find family law services that are mindful of the sensitive and delicate circumstances in family matters and simplify the legal process.

Wills and Estates

Validus Law provides comprehensive estate planning services through the detailed process of drafting wills, Powers of Attorney, and other documents.

Your estate plan is not just about the amount of assets. It can also help you choose who will manage the estate and how assets and liabilities will be distributed. Without a will, provincial laws are in place to make these determinations. These determinations may not reflect your wishes, they may lead to unnecessary taxes, and they may cause added stress for your loved ones you leave behind.

You are encouraged to revisit your will and estate plan over the years, particularly when there is a significant change in an area of your life such as your relationship status or the value of your assets.

Immigration Law

Validus Law strives to assist individuals in navigating the immigration process. Individuals are not required to have a lawyer represent them in the immigration process. However, there may be significant legal implications arising from the immigration process. You can receive services at many stages of the immigration process relating to immigration to Canada as a permanent resident, student, worker, and visitor.

Contact Validus Law to determine what services you need in your immigration process. Here, you can communicate with Validus Law about your situation in Spanish as well as English.

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